Q: How do we charge the accounting service fees?

A: Our accounting service fees is basically based on the time spend and also depends on the additional requirements from our clients.

For example … If you have few transactions per month and one bank account with one currency, the accounting services fees will be lower … If your have high volume transactions and several bank accounts with several different foreign currencies, the accounting services fees will be higher because more time spend.

Q: How do you collect the accounting documents from the clients?

A: We will visit our clients’ office weekly/monthly to collect and send documents or for discussions/meetings.

Our local clients send scanned documents (via email/WhatsApp/WeChat) to us. Our oversea clients send documents / databases via email or cloud storage (google drive, dropbox, expensify etc).

Many ways of sending the documents/files/databases, and we will follow whichever way that is preferred by our clients.

Q: Do you provide payroll services?

A: Yes, we do payroll for majority of our clients. We prepare KWSP / SOCSO / EIS / PCB , and we prepare payments via online banking, online KWSP, SOCSO, LHDN portal etc.

Q: Do you manage cash-flow, collection and payments?

A: Yes, we prepare payments via online banking (eg. M2E, UOB BIBPLUS, PBe Enterprise) for our clients to release payments in their office. We will do Data Entry (eg. Maxis, TNB, TM, Utilities bills) for our clients to release payments.

In summary, we are our client’s virtual (off-site) accountant who prepare cash-flow projection, monitor and prepare payments.

Q: How do you protect your clients’ financial information?

A: We do not disclose our clients’ company name and financial information to anyone, and hence, we do not use their company names to advertise for our services.

We respect the privacy & confidentiality of our clients’ financial data. We do not share any information with anyone in the same company unless authorized by our clients. Eg. Financial Statements will be sent directly to the Co. Director / General Manager or authorized person only.

Q: Can we terminate your services anytime?

A: Yes ! You can terminate our services anytime, and we will work out a cutoff date to handover our jobs/tasks on hand. Likewise, if we are not able to meet your requirements, we shall inform you accordingly and work out a handover date.